Thursday, July 31, 2014

When your projects take on a new direction....

Ever have that happen to you? I know you have. That is life. Plan A becomes Plan B all the time.
I was making a card yesterday and I took apart what I did and went a new direction. Here are some photos to prove it. (Ha! As if you would doubt me. ;-))
I wanted to color this tag with Distress stains. I used light, medium and dark shades of blue.

Then I inked the edges with Distress Ink.
I stamped then heat embossed these flowers with gold embossing powder.

I thought I would try a pretty loopy bow with embroidery floss. It turned out terrible so I pulled it off and chucked it. 
I did like how the flower turned out. I like stamping it twice and then cutting apart the second one to make more petals. Then I assemble them in a new way to make a bigger and fuller flower. I also love using  foam adhesive! It makes it so dimensional.
I didn't like how you could see the edges of the petals so I added beads to the center of the flower to cover the edges of the paper.
I'm not thrilled, but it looks better. I'll keep it.

 Here is where I decided I didn't like the tag as much as I thought. I pulled the flower off and put the tag to the side for another project. I made this panel awhile back. It is white cardstock covered in Peacock Feathers Distress Ink. Then I used a fun stencil, embossing paste, and verdigris embossing powder. It is so fun and funky.
I decided to make the sentiments match by covering white cardstock in the same ink.

Just a close up of that embossing. It is so thick!

 Not my best ever, but it's OK. I love that I had fun making mistakes and messing around. I don't have to be perfect every time.
More imperfection? Chick out my Instagram feed if you want to see my experiment that is pictured below. I have a couple of videos there. I wanted to make pearly embossing paste. 
Why would I post pictures of a project that wasn't perfect? Because I love to share. Because it turned out OK in the end. Because life isn't perfect. Perfect gets boring and you never learn anything new. I love to learn. :-)
See you soon.

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Anonymous said...

AHA I KNEW it was Vertigris!! I still have some, too, and love the idea of embossing a solid shape (back in the "old" days it was just for outlines).