Saturday, August 2, 2014

I just love new stamps!

 I got some new stamps this week. I decided to use the last of my birthday $ I received as gifts. I LOVE this stamp by Hero Arts. I've been wanting it for quite awhile. It is always sold out. I finally lucked out.

 I woke up with this idea in my head this morning. I had to get it out.

I stamped it four times and got to work cutting.

Here are my pieces and my lovely scraps.

I decided to make some areas darker red. The heart is just a scrap I use to test out the color of the pencil before I use it. I had a little trouble with the embossing powder flaking off. I tried to keep my cool and keep going. I fixed it at the end.

Here is the final card all layered up. Sorry for the bad pic.
Here is a quick Instagram video I did of the layers. You can really see the shine too. I love it when it turns out just like you want. I am leaving it blank for now. I don't know what kind of card it will be, or who for. I just put the panel on top of a white card base and I'll decide later who it is for and what sentiment to add. 

I have never used this little video player before . Let me know what you think. Is it fun?

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Chark said...

gorgeous shine that you can really see in the video--love the project!