Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Has it really been two months?

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry that it has been two months since I have shared here. I have been missing it so much. Truly, I do get joy from sharing.  Life is on fast forward here. I have been just tripping along trying to keep up. Here are some quick pictures of what has been going on with us.

My sweet husband and I joined the smart phone club. It has changed my life and the way I am organized. I love it.  All of the pictures I am sharing today were taken with my phone. It is the most amazing tool.

 I've been doing some crafting, but not had any extra time for the photographing and the sharing part. I seem to just need to make it and go lately. These crosses were for a project I did for church. It turned out super fun.

 Another thing keeping me busy are these girls. They are bridging from Brownies to Girl Scouts, they got perfect and excellent attendance awards at school, they got amazing grades and they had a dance recital. This coming weekend they are in a wedding for our wonderful Niece. I have been just taking them everywhere and watching how they grow and bloom.

The most wonderful thing that has been in my life lately is this little one. My sister had her first baby. Her name is Eisley. She is my new BFF. I think she is the best thing EVER! I just love holding her and marveling at what a miracle she is.
Hopefully summer will be fun, full, but also full of creative sharing. Thanks for your patience.

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