Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello all!  I hope you and your families are having a Blessed Easter Day.  We have been so busy for the last few weeks around here.  In the last week we have had a special event here.  Sarah and Theresa made their First Holy Communion.  I have quite a lot of trouble loading pictures to my Facebook sometimes, so this post is all about family and what we have been doing. 

Here are the girls on Thursday before church.

 The last First Communion class was spent making bread that we would use to take Communion on their special day.   Here they are with Daddy getting a little messy.
 Then they practiced how to take it and what to say.

 Here they are on the big day.  Sarah went from this...
 to this. She was so excited. :-)
 Theresa spent a whole day in little french braids.  She was super excited too.
 Here is a horribly taken group shot of the kids.  There were about 30 in their group. It was such a blessing.
 The next day we went to lunch with some special friends.  I love this pic of Duane with his Godson Asher.  You can see they love to play together.
 Friday night we colored eggs.  :-)

 On Saturday I had a special surprise.  I ordered a jumpy castle.  Everyone in the family had so much fun.  It was worth the splurge.  Making so much fun and many special memories is important.

 We had super yummy cake too, of course!
 Grandma E. even had a little bounce. Hee!
 This morning we had our egg hunt.  The Easter Bunny always fills plastic eggs with candy and surprises and hides them while we sleep.  Then we have fun hunting for them.  We pour all the candy into dishes and share.  It's fun to find the eggs and discover the surprises inside as we are pouring the candy into the bowls.

We hope your Easter is full of joy and blessings.  I will try to post again soon. We have been making some home improvements and have a lot to share.

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Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. Your girls are just adorable. Hope you and your family had a very Happy Easter!