Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lets chat about inspiration and creativity

Hello all!

Thanks for stopping by.  I have filmed my first video.  I have been interested in doing this for quite awhile.  I'm inspired by all of the crafting videos I see out there on the Internet.  I want to join in and start a conversation about inspiration and creativity.  I firmly believe that anyone who wants to be, can be creative.  You need a little inspiration and you need to get out there and start doing. 

Watch the video to see what inspires me.  Lets start a conversation about creativity and what inspires you.  Leave me comments, or links to your inspiration, or items you have created.  Tell me a story about creativity.  Let's share and inspire each other.  I will make more videos about this topic and share them here.  I also plan a future post where I give you links of things that inspire me.  Also other places that deal with creativity.

I don't want any comments about how you can't do it. If you haven't tried, now is the time.  If you have tried, try some more and share you struggles with others.  This blog is all about sharing. :-)

Thanks for stopping by.  Please come by again soon and see how the talk about inspiration and creativity is going. 


marie said...

I loved loved your video! I'm inspired primarily by nature, especially the mountains (so I guess I'm super lucky to live so near to them!) In terms of card-making and scrapbooking, I usually take my inspiration from the photos that I'm using in the layout or from supplies I have on hand that I want to incorporate into the project - mixing colors and textures can definitely be a challenge, though! I don't think I've quite mastered that skill yet, haha!

You might find this blog interesting:

Love ya!

Lin said...

Hi Jess! This was a great video and sharing of your thoughts about creativity. I have found that "being creative" has become something I need in my life. I mostly make cards, but making a quilt, decorating a room, planting a garden are all things creative that also make me happy as I do them.
I so agree that practice in the field you're interested in is EVERYTHING; so choosing something and studying all its aspects and then actually jumping in and doing it is the way to master it.
I learned everything about card making from the Hero Arts blog, and I am continually learning as I enter the various challenges I do. I have found that being challenged constantly stretches me, and that's a good thing!
Thanks for your thoughts and I look forward to more of your videos.

Anette H said...

Hi Jess, I loved your video about inspiration, it gave me quite a few ideas!! I too am inspired by things around me, nature, buildings, color combinations, but I rarely photograph it. Makes me realize now that a lot is forgotten by the time I'm ready to create!
Anette :o)

Arlene said...

Your video was thought provoking, but that's what it's all about, isn't it? Thinking and then putting your thoughts into action. I love to check out blogs, indulge in challenges, stretching myself. I've done many different things, from pouring slip into molds for ceramics to jewelry making. I used to crochet afghans a bit at a time while watching my kid's soccer games at the park. You really just have to practice.... that practicing thing does make perfect.

krafting kelly said...

Thanks for the video. I completely agree with everything you said, and many of your favorite sources for inspiration are mine as well.

I do find that if I look at projects that aren't my style, I still find parts that I like and can incorporate those into my own work. And when I read or watch tutorials I almost always learn something I can use even if I don't want to recreate their end project at all.

Here's my blog if you want to take a look: