Friday, December 4, 2009

New crafty space

I keep getting asked for pics of the new way we have the basement arranged. I have it cleaned up a little bit more. It isn't the way we want yet, but it is much closer.

Here is my desk. It is an old drafing desk. It is 4 feet across. I can store so much in it and spread out my projects as much as I want. I love it. I'm going to try keeping my Silhouette down here at my desk. I had it upstairs at the computer, but I think this way might be better. I need a cozy/dust cover for it so it doesn't get dirty. Anyone know how to do that? I'll sew it if you can help me figure out how to shape the fabric.

Here is my old bookshelf. I'm trying to figure out how we will hang the cork board on the concrete wall. Duane might just have to put a screw into the concrete.

Here are the new shelves. I need to move all those boxes underneath to a new spot. Maybe I'll just throw them away. I don't know what is in them. Do I really need that stuff? Probably not.

Here is a peek into a couple of the flat file drawers. I used to keep the stamps out, and the paper in the drawers. I'm doing it the other way around now. I feel like it's better to see the paper all the time and know at a glance what I have. I don't want 100 sheets of orange and no sheets of blue.

I started to make my own clip it up type of thing. I need more clips and then I can get all of the ribbon up there. I can't wait.

You can see a little of Duane's Lego area behind the ribbon in that last pic. He is still trying to get that all arranged. You might have also noticed the set on top of my desk. He didn't forget that one. It is all mine. That is my favorite Star Wars ship the Jedi Star Fighter. I need to put the set together and then I can be "in" on some of his fun too.
I'll post more pics when things are better arranged. Hope you want to come over and play soon.

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