Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day #3

Allrighty, here we go for my day three interpretation. I would just like to state that today was not my best day ever using alchol inks. I am not satisfied with how that portion of my tags turned out. I guess we are all allowed to have an off day. (Please say "yes"!)

Here are my tags for today. I saw that Tim did two and thought to myself that I would only do one. Then I didn't like how my first tag turned out, so I did two also.

Sorry it is sideways, but it's just that kind of a day so far. Here is the deer tag. I like it a little better than the bird one. The metal tag says, "Happy Holidays".

Here you can see a close up of the tag and see how I sprinkled the Liquid Applique with glitter before I heat set it. It sparkles so nicely.

Did you all know that if Archival Ink is till wet when you sprinkle on your glitter it will stick to the ink? I didn't. Now I do. That is why I wasn't as happy with the bird tag. I should have heat set the black ink before I went on to the next step. I was a little excited. I added a jingle bell that I had floating around in a drawer. So my tag will "sing".

See? He is glittery all over, instead of just on the snow.

Oh, well. I think every artist and crafter has little things happen like that every once and awhile. I think someone else will like the look. I'm only dissatisfied because the end result doesn't match my vision. That is OK.
I used Stampendous and Tim Holtz stamps on these two tags.
Thanks for looking.
If you are following along too leave me a link to see your pictures.

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InkyFingers said...

Wow! If this is your off day, then i'm definately going to go check out your good days! I haven't done my plaids yet, had a little set back this week, but will be back on the stamps soon.