Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This crazy cat!

Dear sweet people out there. Our cat is weird. What is that you say? Maybe she is just funny and active. No, I'm pretty sure she has a screw loose.

Here is photographic evidence. Any time that someone is using the laptop she is right there. She is obsessed with the cursor. She puts her ears forward and watches it wherever it goes. Then she attacks! At first she just patted the screen. Now she gets more aggressive and really tries to get it. This morning I sat down and she was right here next to me immediatly. She totally jumped at the screen and used her claws. The more the cursor moves the more pissed she seems to get. I think eventually she might actually get it.
Here she is in the tub. Every day the kids take a shower. She sticks her head in and watches. This isn't so weird, but she has climbed in. Every day when the showers are over she has to inspect the drain afterwards. She even drinks from it which kind of bothers me. To the girl's delight she also plays with the drips that come down from the shower head.
Oh, yeah. Here she is trying to go to Kindergarten. Um, Nala, I don't think so.
This one isn't so crazy, just cute. She , like any cat, likes secret hiding spots. I had to buy a new rug for in front of the front door. She was constantly under it! If we left the house, we couldn't get back in because the rug would be wadded up in front of it.
If you haven't met her yet you need to stop by. I bought a lazer pointer the other day. If I can get photos, (it's hard because she is moving so fast,) I'll post again with more evidence.
Enjoy your day.

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