Thursday, June 5, 2008

A visit and a hail storm

Hello everyone. I just wanted to post a quick photo of Walker Field Bucknam. He is two weeks old. We went to visit my good friend Tiffany and her little ones yesterday. Sarah and Theresa had a nice time playing with Allison and gazing at Walker. Tiffany is doing well and just wishing for a little sleep as all mommies do. Sorry the photo is so blurry. This is what my camera does with no flash. But you get the idea that he is tiny, sweet and yummy. I'm sorry there is no scratch and sniff function on my blog yet. I promise that he has a wonderful new baby smell.

We also had some hail yesterday. It didn't last long. The stones were pretty small. They weren't any bigger then large peas or small garbanzo beans. I only lost one leaf off of my tomato plants. No biggie. Wacky, but not serious.
We are spending the day getting ready for camping tomorrow. The girls are very excited. We will be sure to post pics and stories of our adventures when we return.
Love to everyone!

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