Monday, June 9, 2008

Our trip to Jellystone

Hello everyone in blogger land. We are back from our camping trip. We had a very fun time. A very windy and cold time, but a nice time in spite of it.

We arrived around 2 o'clock on Friday and set up camp. It was warm and sunny out, beautiful. We had a fun time discovering our surroundings and making a nice supper. Some friends of ours had the camping spot right next door. We all made smores for dessert. I have to say that Sarah and Theresa were looking forward to this part very much. They loved it.

On Saturday we kept busy with raising the flag, doing crafts, playing mini golf & discovering. It was colder and windier that day. We went into Estes Park for pizza at supper time, because we couldn't keep the fire or the grill lit because of the wind and damp. It was Yogi Bear's birthday so we went and had cake at a party for him at 7:00. The kids didn't seem to mind the cold after they had cake. Below is a picture taken early on Saturday. Sarah is on the left Theresa is on her right. The other kids are the friends we were camping with. Left is little Colin and right is Mara. The girls loved having their friend to play with all weekend.

Here is Sarah putting. She was so careful about how she held the putter. She wanted to do it just right. Theresa and Mara just scooted their balls in and ran ahead. They wanted to go fast.

I for one didn't sleep much all weekend. I'm not in my 20's anymore. Laying on the ground wasn't much fun. I will never take my sleep number bed for granted again. Thanks for looking!!

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