Monday, January 14, 2013

More catching up.

**Forgot to include a link to the free tab top towel pattern. So sorry!
Thanks for all your patience. It seems that Blogger isn't working with Internet Explorer. Google Chrome fixed it up so that I can keep on sharing. I promised in my last post to share some more projects I made over the holidays. Here is a super easy pattern I found on Pinterest. These tab topped towels. They were super easy and fun to make. I decided that all of the kitchen towels I was finding, on the cheap, were so thin and crummy. I went to Big Lots and found some bathroom hand towels for very cheap and used them. They are thick and absorbent and luxurious. I took the towels into my favorite quilting store and found matching fat quarters. I was able to top one towel, cut in half to make two, with one fat quarter. Very economical and luxurious. I used my huge collection of buttons to make each one look sparkly and special. They were fairly quick to make as well. 

This one below I added a ribbon as a fun detail.

These I added a vintage stitch detail to this set. I then wove a ribbon through the stitching.

The silver snowflake thingy is actually a piece of chocolate. :-) It looks funny there, sorry.

After Christmas I was invited to learn how to make chocolates with some family members. It was so much fun. I had never used plastic molds before. It was a great way to use your imagination. These are some right out of the molds. I had fun using different colors and even adding peanut butter candy.

Afterwards we added color with powdered "paints" that are iridescent. It made everything sparkle. 

Speaking of sparkle I had some fun with my twinkling H2O's. 

This card was done with one of my new background stamps. I love it. Blue and white always make me sigh. It is fresh and cool feeling. So beautiful. 

More gratuitous chocolate!! I make these buckeyes each Christmas.

Here is something that my husband has been helping me with. My crafting area in our basement is in a little corner. He suggested that we move my desk and create a little space on the wall to add vertical storage. So here it is before.

Here is what I will be storing.
(Just kidding.)

Here it is after. We just turned the desk and it feels a less roomy, but better with the wall exposed. We will hopefully be finding a way to add vertical storage for punches. We have a plan, we just need to work around those drain pipes you see.  I also want another light fixture. They aren't too expensive. Maybe I can have it all fixed up for Valentine's day. (Are you reading this honey?)

 My shelving and Ikea Alex drawers.

So that is what I was up to over the holiday season. Lot's of hard work. It makes me happy though to give handmade gifts and cards. It is much more special and personalized for the people you are giving to. I have been wanting to purge and re-do in my crafting area for a long time. This little project is getting me motivated to keep going. I am worried about having time, there is Girl Scout cookies on my horizon. :-)

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