Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I have a new Moleskin...

Hi all. More sharing today. I got a new Moleskin before Christmas. I had been searching for this for awhile. I had seen some online that had watercolor paper. I finally found one! I did Alisa Burke's Watercolor bliss class last year and hadn't been able to put much that I had learned into practice. Find the class here:

It is a wonderful class. I have lots of watercolor paper, but this notebook is just what I needed. I can do just a small page at a time and even take it with me if needed. I decided that each page would have only watercolor and pens. 

This is teaching me patience. I love banging things out with stamps and moving on to the next project. This is teaching me to do a little and let it dry. Add a little more and then let it dry. The result emerges over time. I have smeared a few pages and this is so frustrating. I am learning.

Some pages, like this one I might add more to later. I like this page because I didn't draw anything out beforehand. It was all experimenting.

This page keeps getting a little more added to it. I look at it and then I put a little more in.

This page was fun. I learned a little about how the color can puddle. I layered on more color in a few spots too. Fun!

Are you learning anything new this year? Try something new. I think it increases my skill in other areas and teaches me something about myself as well.  Thanks for stopping in to look.

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