Friday, November 2, 2012

Holiday Card Workshop Day #2

I am finally on to cards for day #2 of the Holiday Card Workshop. The theme this day was background stamps and ways you could use them.
I used a background stamp on the front of this card. I also used some holographic embossing powder to make it look like glittery snowy swirls on the front of the card. I was intrigued when Jennifer made a cut out window on the front of her card and had a greeting on a small banner across the front. I was going for the same kind of effect. Not as cleverly done as hers, but I got the idea. 

I like that it is unexpected. I can try to re do it, or make another that is similar in the future.  I used an Archiver's exclusive Stamp and Cut set from Hero Arts. The large snowflake stamp and die cut are made to go together. That is a wonderful idea for crafters. There are so many ways to use that product.

Next I used Lisa's idea of using background stamps to create strips that you adhere to a card. I liked her examples using non traditional colors. These blue pink and lavender cards are definitely not traditional. They are kind of fun to piece together and embellish too.

Here is a picture of the inside. Sorry it turned out blurry. :-( You get the idea, right?

There was a third example in class of a kissing technique. I decided to skip this one. I'm familiar with the technique and I ran out of crafting time. I think I will be attempting only one or two of the examples for each day. I just don't have time to do them all every day.
I will be back soon with my Day #3 card.  I hope you all are having a safe and healthy autumn so far.

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Vonne said...

I was just gonna tell you I made a stamp & cut image w/my Silhouette: stamped an image in black, scanned, imported, find outline, offset, cut several and stamp w/colors - voila!