Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I miss bogging!

Hi everyone. I have missed this blog so much. I have been so busy that there just hasn't been much time. I am learning that I need to schedule the time for sharing. See how important you are to me? I have scheduled you in. ;-)

So much has been happening that I am not sure where to start. Earlier in the year my aunt sent me a milk crate full of big jars of buttons. It sat around for a few months with me tripping over it in my crafting area. I have been wanting to get that area purged and reorganized. I knew I had to start with this crate. It was just in the way of everything else.  Someone suggested to me putting the buttons into lingeree bags and then putting them in the dishwasher. I decided to try it, but in the clothes washer. I have a font loading machine, so I wasn't worried about it getting tangled in the agitator.

I washed two loads and spread them out on a big beach towel outside to dry. Here are my girls looking at one load drying. Yeah, that A LOT of buttons! That was half of the buttons. We had so much fun looking at all the different kinds.  

I think part of the hold up in doing the project was deciding how I would store them all. In the end I decided to store them the same way I was already storing my buttons, just in larger containers. 
A fabulous friend agreed to help and we started our project. First we went to Starbucks. Why? What does this have to do with sorting buttons? We were parched and it was hot out. Plus it's yummy! Then we went to the hardware store and bought two six packs of LARGE canning jars. These are the Ball half gallon jars. Seriously? Yeah!

Then we played music and sorted. It took forever. I'm not gonna lie. Christie was with us for hours that day and we didn't finish. I actually finished several days later. It was worth it though. I now have it all done and everything is sorted by color.

See? Tons. Of. Buttons.

Now I know what you are thinking. What is she going to make first?  Well I saw something similar on Pinterest and I knew I needed to make this first.  I am going to send it to my Aunt who have me all the buttons. (Thank you so much Aunt Chris!) 

The bracelet I bought from Hobby Lobby had a lobster clasp. I know there is no person on earth who can put that on by themselves. I replaced it with a magnetic clasp. Why don't all bracelets come with these? It is so easy!

Some more craftiness that has been going on around here is some sewing. I found this tutorial for some doll clothes. No pattern, super easy. I decided that it was perfect for teaching my daughters to sew. As soon as we got started and cut the fabric the sewing machine conked out. I took it apart, but no luck figuring it out. I took it to be repaired and started shopping for a new one. The old one was my grandmother's and I think it was from the 60's or 70's. It's been fixed quite a few times. It is definitely a clunker.

After some shopping around, Internet research and a visit to some stores my mom bought me this as a gift. It's a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 183. Basically it's my new friend. I can't even tell you how much easier it is to use than the old one. My kids can even use it with ease. It sews straight and fast. That is huge for me. Loading the bobbin is so easy I almost cried. For real! The old one is so fussy that I have cried trying to wind it just right.

Here they are making bookmarks with my dad that have their names on it. Amazing. I wasn't even a part of that. They sat down and did it!

Here is our finished product. We opted to use up a button instead of making a flower for the top. It is so easy for the girls to take the clothes on and off the doll. This outfit is a must try for everyone who has a little girl in their life who has one of these 16" dolls. You know the ones.  Super expensive! Of course they want tons of clothes for the doll to wear.

Next I fixed a ton of clothes we had around that needed repair. One of them was a Rapunzel Barbie dress that the girls had forced onto larger Barbie dolls. It was shredded at a bunch of the seams. I fixed it up in like 2 minutes.

I found this fabric kicking around from two summers ago and finished the dress/smock for Theresa. Yay! making the straps was like the easiest thing ever!

So I have decided that all my pain and trouble with sewing in the past was all the fault of the old machine. It was great to get me sewing, but the new one makes me love sewing. I might be posting a lot more projects with fabric now. I hope you don't mind. I am really excited to try sewing on paper.

Some other things that happed in June were that I took a class in Ft. Collins with Donna Downey! I loved it. I love her. The whole day was the best day ever. Her site is linked on the right. Please check her out.

I got some money for my birthday and I used it to order a few things from Simon Says Stamp. I had never tried a kit that comes in the mail, and I decided it was time. I ordered the August card making kit, designed by Kristina Werner. I also ordered a few extras too. Look they send you a lollipop with your order! Oh, you know I hid it, and ate it while I was making cards. It was yummy. I have to say, I love the kit. These kits are perfect for anyone, veteran stampers, or beginners. It is so nice to get all those goodies that are pre-coordinated. The stamp set is beautiful and a very nice quality polymer. If you are considering it, please go for it!

Also in June we took a family vacation with my husband's family. We had lots of adventures right close to home. It was beautiful and fun. We love the mountains!

 I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. I will be back soon to share some more fun.

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