Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life is good. Here is what I'm creating

Hello Friends!  Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 37. I don't like getting older, but I don't feel any older than last year, so I guess it isn't too bad. :-) 

 My sweet husband gave me flowers. I almost never get them. He chose lovely roses for me.
I am still trying to learn something new every day and stretch myself. I think I've been creating things in my life, but also a new me every day.

I made a batch of sympathy cards. I send them out for my church. I made these all very similar to save time and use up some paper scraps. I enjoyed making them. The black shapes behind the floral stamped circles were cut on my Silhouette awhile back. I wanted to use up some space when I put the paper in to cut. I cut these and saved them for later. They worked out great! The stamps and ink are by Hero Arts. The embossing folder is by Cuttle Bug.

I tried something different on the back. I layered this dandelion stamp behind the label stamp. It looks pretty.

In the summer my kiddos like to make portraits of themselves on the sidewalks. First we trace them. Sometimes in a funny position.

Then you get up and there is a perfect outline of yourself.

Then you color yourself in. You can recreate what you really look like, or make yourself into whatever you can imagine. It's so fun!

I've been working hard on making a garden. I have had terrible allergies since I was 18 years old. This year I finally have them under control enough to have made a start. I planted tomatoes, hot peppers, pie pumpkins, green beans (pictured below), lettuce, basil, cilantro, parsley, and dill.  I have quite a few more flowers planted this year as well. My husband has been helping and we have improved some areas of our property that were looking sad.  We are trying to make a big dent this year. :-)

I have some more projects in the works. I'll be back soon to share some more.

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