Friday, October 21, 2011

A quick update...

I just wanted to stop in and give a quick update.  We have been getting ready for Halloween here.  I have been making some Halloween costumes.  I will post pictures as soon as I'm done.  They are looking better than I thought they would 

My daughters have a monthly fundraiser at their school.  The parents make and donate cupcakes.  Then they are sold for .25 cents.  I made these yummies last night.

The bats are rings the kids can wear.  I hope they like them.

Here are my girls.  We recently took them out to eat as a treat.  They are doing so well in school, we felt they deserved it.  They are sharing a cookie sundae here.  They are getting so big.  We can hardly keep up.  It's amazing how they grow and change every day.  They are about to turn nine.  I am very proud of how smart and wonderful they ave becoming.

I hope your October is going well.  I won't wait so long to check in again.  I promise to share the costumes we are creating here.  What are your plans for Halloween?  Do you celebrate other autumn customs? 

Thanks for stopping by!  :-)

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