Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photo inspiration

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I love to take photos.  I like to take them of my family, my creations and of the world around me.  This morning I went for a walk and took my camera with me.  I hoped that if I saw an eagle or a hawk I might get lucky enough to get a record of it.  Instead I saw lots of smaller friends along the way.  I love to look back at my photos and be inspired by color, light and shadow, form, or just something I might want to sketch.

I met this guy first.

These look like a scrubby weed until you get closer.  Then you see the tiny blossoms.

This one made me so happy.  The pollen waiting to be collected from the center is so pretty.

These are the mountains you can see near our home.  The closer ones are called the Flatirons.  The higher ones in the back are the Indian Peaks Mountain Range.

Hee Hee.  That's me!!

I stood there for so long snapping pictures of the bees.  The macro setting on our new camera isn't that great.  I took lots that turned out sharp only on the plants, but the bee would be blurry.  These were my only good ones of the bees.

This one just yells, "Good Morning!!"

These guys were barking at me.  "Yip Yip!!"  I totally wasn't scared.  They just make me giggle. It's kind of sad how dumb they are, actually.  There is a reason why they are at the bottom of the food chain around here.   They are cute and interesting to watch though.

I want to create something that is inspired by the flowers and the bees. I will make time soon.  Thanks for sharing.  I hope you were inspired to create or take a walk with your camera. ;-)

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