Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I feel so much better!

Hi all.   I know I promised more blogging, but as always, life got in the way.  My husband is attempting to fix his pickup truck for the second time in two months, and all sorts of other craziness.  I haven't stamped, or crafted or anything.  I will attempt to do so today.  I don't know if it will really happen or not, but I will attempt. 

I just wanted to share a cute story in the mean time.  We unfortunately had to go to a funeral for my husband's grandmother last month.  We drove ourselves and another family member up and spent 4 days there.  Theresa had been messing around with a loose tooth that she had for quite a few weeks.  On the way up she kept showing me how loose it was getting. She could use her tongue to bend the thing completely sideways.  She was always wanting to show me when her mouth was full of food. (Nice!)  So it of course gave me shivers up my back.  Eeewww! 

The day of the funeral we were sitting in church and she starts telling me, kinda loudly, that it is driving her crazy.  Now, our kids have been going to church all their lives.  She knows to be quiet and only tell me important stuff if we are supposed to be praying.  So I tell her in a whisper, that isn't an emergency and that I will look at it after we are out of church. I also reminded her we need to be quiet and use our "church voices".  She nodded and then 30 seconds later tapped me on the arm.  (I'm thinking, "What did I just say?")  I look down and she hands me her tooth.  She smiled and whispered, "I feel so much better."  I immediately went for the tissues, which were already on hand from all the crying.  All I could think was that she was just about to bleed everywhere.  I stuck the tissue in the hole and we barely got a visible dot of blood on it.  She was fine. 

She wanted to tell her Daddy about it immediately.  He was sitting in the row in front of us, acting as paul bearer, and at the other end of the row.  She had to wait.  She couldn't.  Everyone who was near she was showing her hole and whispering that she lost her tooth.  After the service she couldn't whisper any more.  She was squealing about it as soon as we got outside.  I think she did get a couple of people to smile.

I have to admit at this point in the story that I have started a silly tradition when it comes to the tooth fairy.  We always leave a golden dollar coin for the tooth.  We weren't expecting her to loose the tooth and we were so sad when we left town anyway.  I kind of asked around and a few others started to ask around too.  We weren't able to locate a coin, but we had a paper dollar.  I decided to try to clue her in a little that we might save the tooth till we got home.  The tooth fairy might not know where we were. We also didn't have the "magic" tooth pillow we use. She insisted that the tooth fairy would find her. So we had to leave her the paper dollar. She put the tooth on the dresser in the hotel room and then went to bed.  I was relieved that the tooth was not under a pillow, so that we could find it easily

In the night I switched the tooth and the dollar and then I crawled back to bed.  I didn't notice that my husband had his money and wallet just near the tooth. The next morning he got up and jumped in the shower and on his way noticed the dollar out of place.  He thought someone took it out of his wallet and put it in a crazy spot.  He snagged it an put it in his wallet. When he went into the bathroom I sat up and noticed that the dollar was gone.  Now I knew right away what happened, because the kids weren't up yet.  We could see the spot right as soon as we looked around so I jumped out of bed to try and fix it.  I was so hoping that she didn't notice as I was taking the dollar back and sneaking it to where I had it the night before. I tried to cover up what I was doing by fiddling with several things on the dresser.  Then I walked away and knocked on the bathroom door. My husband must have been tired and thought one of the kids was bugging him.  I had to break in on him and explain in a whisper what I had done. 

When I came out Theresa had the dollar in her hand and was so excited.  She said, "See!  The tooth fairy knew just where to find me."  I was so glad she was happy too.  We had just spent the previous couple of weeks being so worried about our van that needed some really expensive repairs, my husband's grandmother being so sick and then passing away,  getting to Montana in some really icky weather and so many other things.  Life just keep throwing stuff our way.  We just keep trying to pass the ball and keep it in the air.  I might not have much time lately for the fun stuff, but at least we are healthy and still have a roof over our heads.  Especially with all the troubles in Japan this week, I know we have so much to be thankful for.

Love and peace to all of you.

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