Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

So have you seen all the wonderful blogs and websites getting all dressed up for the holidays?  I love Becky Higgins, so I really enjoyed her post yesterday at her blog here:
She is posting a little inspiring, holiday themed video each day. I loved the free download from yesterday's post and new I had to print it out and use it somehow.  I have had this sitting in between my children's photos on top of our desk for a couple of months now.  (Yes that is one of Becky's free fonts.)  I put this in the frame each autumn.

Well I printed Becky's print and decided I would use all of this fun stuff to put it in the frame and save that other print I made for next autumn again.

 I couldn't resist these new Doodlebug buttons.  So yummy.  They look like candy.  Here is the finished product on the desk.  I will of course dress up that area a little more once I get out the Christmas ornaments for the tree, and the rest of the house.
 I love that it is so graphic and simple. 
 Also I have a couple of new items in my Etsy shop. (I promised that I would add some more this week.)  Remember that if you live near by I will hand deliver to you.  No need to send it in the mail if I run into you all the time.
 If you are clicking around on the Internet here are some more amazing places to get some inspiration this holiday season:

Enjoy and have a happy, and crafty holiday

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