Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School Is Out

Sarah and Theresa had their last day of school on May 27th. I just wanted to reflect on some things that the teachers shared with me and that I observed over the year.

Theresa and her teacher Ms. Kohler are pictured above. Ms. Kohler told me in the middle of the school year that every kid wants to be Theresa's friend. I think that is the nicest compliment ever. She also wrote on her report card at the end of the year that Theresa will be a famous author some day. That made me giggle. Both of my girls have heads full of wonderful stories. I'm so proud of her eagerness to learn and her ability to sit down and do her homework. Her reading and writing skills are out of this world. Her desire to try and try again with math is inspiring. Science is a love of both the girls and Theresa has wonderful questions to ask us. Her sparkle comes out with everything she does and says.

Sarah is pictured above with her teacher Ms. Morinville. (Yes, I realize that both teachers look like models. Geez! ) Sarah had a tiny bit of trouble breaking through her shyness at the beginning of the year. Once she jumped the hurdle she was helping kids in her class with things she was good at. That makes my heart sing. Sharing the things that you love is what makes friendship so precious. Sarah impressed all of us with her reading and writing abilities this year as well. For more than a year she has been saying she is a non-fiction girl. If there is a book about space anywhere near her she can't put it down. She also loves books about bugs, snakes and all kinds of historical books too. Sarah absolutley loves science. I can't wait to see what kind of projects she does in future years that excite her. Sarah likes to be slow and take her time. She reminds me of that Mr. Rogers song that he would sing on his show. "I like to take my time, I like to do it my way. Yes, I like to take my time." That is Sarah through and through. She won't be hurried. Homework time takes longer with her, but she gets it done and it stays in her head. That is what counts. She is sweet and sensative, sometimes she would be sad after school, about something someone said to her. It always got worked out the next day, because the other kids love her for that sweetness on the inside.
I hope that next year they will continue to grow and learn at the amazing rate they always do. Mostly I hope they continue to be kind and sweet and learn what it means to be a good friend. The book learning is important, but so are the lessons about life. They determine what we will be like when we grow up. Learning to be good, honest and kind to others are some of life's most important lessons.

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Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing these sweet memories, Jess. My two children are both adults now and it goes by so quickly. My daughter is also named Sarah.