Friday, June 18, 2010

New stuff, and brave stuff

Hello everyone! :-)

We are having a great summer so far, how about all of you? We have been keeping busy. The girls (and I) have been reading, taking swimming lessons, reading, doing workbooks, reading, going to the park, taking walks or riding bikes to Sonic for ice cream and reading.

Today we went to the Lego store and guess what the girls got? What? No one in this house would ever play with that stuff? Ha! This set is so pink. They are loving it.

Here is a pic at the last day of swimming lessons. They loved it again this year. They impoved a lot. There is still some apprehension around putting your whole face in and blowing bubbles out of your nose, but they are doing all the other stuff, so I'm not complaining.

Here is a quick little video of Sarah going off of the diving board. She needed a little help the first time. After that she was a pro. Theresa didn't want to go off. We told her it was fine, she can just keep trying. ;-)

The new air conditioning has broken about 3 times now. We are getting a little annoyed at this. Hopefully we get the kinks worked out soon.
Those of you who are friends with Duane and I on Facebook know that Theresa took a tumble a couple of weeks ago. We found out from the ER doc that she might have osteopenia. It is a pre-cursor to ostioperosis. We went to the pediatrician and talked about it. He sent us for a bone density scan on both girls. We had that today. It was super simple. (They just lay on a bed and the scanner goes over them on an arm. Very easy and Star Trekish.) We will hopefully hear soon what the results are. Some of you might be wondering why Sarah had the test too. We and the pediatrician feel that since they are identical twins, and this problem sometimes occurs with premies, that Sarah could possibly have the same problem. (They formed from one egg, so they have almost the same genetic make up.) I guess we will find out. For now we are trying not to worry. We are just thankful that when Theresa fell that nothing was broken. She healed up very quickly and is back to her old wild self.
We hope all of you are having a wonderful summer too. Keep safe and remember to have fun.

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Nancy said...

Lego is the best! I have photos of the towers and creations that my children made from Lego. Have fun!