Sunday, December 13, 2009

More updates

Here is an update on the tags I have been making. I completed the tags inspired by days 8 and 9 of the 12 Tags of Christmas by Tim Holtz. You can see the tags that mine were inspired by on Tim's blog at

Here is the tag inspired by day 8. Tim created a parchment effect with his vellum and added the grunge board lamp post on top. I didnt' have all the same stamps but I did the same techniques. I also wanted my angel to look like she was flying, so I added some ribbon that looked like it was blowing in the breeze.

I apologize for the blurry pics. The camera doesn't like to take pictures without the flash.

Here is my tag inspired by Tim's on day #9. He used some photos of kids crying on Santa's lap. I have to say that the photos cracked me up. He posted them so that he could share the images. I downloaded them and printed them out right away. I don't have any photo strip ribbon, but I had this label holder and decided to use it as a photo frame.
I chose my two favorite pics and added them. I don't think those kids are having a very "Merry" time. Still so funny though. Santa can be a little scary. I don't have a label maker by Dymo, so I made the song lyrics using my typewriter and then cut up the paper to make little word confetti. I love the look and feel of the felt pointsetta flowers. The green leaves were made by inking up some white flowers and putting them behind the pointsetta.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season. Thank you for stopping by and looking.

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Jennie said...

Your"Tim" are great, and if you get time you should pop over to my blog too :)