Monday, June 15, 2009

What have we been up to?

Hello everyone out there in cyberspace. It looks like it's been about a month since I have blogged. I really do want to do this more often. It's just been so busy.

The kids had their last day of school last month. It was a great school year for them. They learned tons of new things. They grew a lot. They also made lots of new friends. They throughly enjoyed every day. They can't wait to be first graders in the fall.
This is a picture of them with their Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Robinson. They loved her. She made the year so special for them.

Here they are with the teacher's aide Mrs. Luko. She was sweet and wonderful too. If I had 25 5 year olds to take care of all day I would need an aide just like her.
Our big project this summer is to paint the outside of our house. We have begun to prep the house and repair what needs to be fixed before the paint goes on. Here I am above pressure washing the house. We did this the first weekend of June. It was a quick and easy way to get the house clean and, skip the scraping process.
The front porch post needed to be replaced. Here are the kids at Home Depot the next day. Daddy was looking for a new p 4X4 to use as the post. Sarah and Theresa were dancing. (In case you were wondering, Theresa is being Cinderella and Sarah is being the prince.)
We will be taking a trip to Montana this week. We will be leaving Thursday to attend a birthday party for Duane's grandma Hess. Grandma GG is turning 90 on Saturday. Hooray! We hope to visit with everyone up there and have a fun time.
I will try to do more updates soon. I hope everyone is having a nice summer. In spite of the hail and tornados here, we are.

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