Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello friends!

Hello everyone. I had a little free time today, so I made a card of course. I used a stamp that I have been dying to try for awhile. I also have had this cloud paper for a few weeks. I just knew when I saw this bird brad that I had to put it with the other two supplies. It turned out pretty cute.
What you can't see in my horrible pictures is that the cloud paper has a sparkly sheen to it. I just love it. It makes the sky look like it's full of sunshine.
The blue and brown cardstock have a vertical, wood grain, kind of texture. I love how it turned out.
It's spring around here. The weather is finally warm. This past weekend we got some plants going in the pots arond the yard.
A lot has been going on so far this month. Grandpa had a birthday. We gave him a tic tac toe game that has the kid's pics on each square. When he opened it they all promptly started to play.
Sabrina and Marie both graduated from college. Congrats ladies!! Mother's day was lovely. I got a rose which is pictured below. Mom celebrated her 60th birthday. We had a fun evening with everyone celebrating that. The kids get out of school next week. They are very excited.
There are no definite plans for every day activities around here yet. I am looking into swimming lessons for the kids. The rest is still up in the air. We hope to have more time for blogging and crafting.


Tiffany said...

I can't read what the words are at the bottom of the card. You're right, it's really cute. And that pic of the girls and your dad, just too yummy!

Kim Rose said...

So cute!
I am still trying to visit all the blogs from new friends.
Thanks for visitng mine! I will check yours often!