Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Snow

Hello! I hope everyone out there is doing well. We are having some beautiful spring snow today. I won't be including any pictures in this post today. Duane took the camera with him and I didn't download any of the photos first.

Speaking of Duane....he and some other Lego empoloyees are having fun in the community this weekend. They will be building an 8 foot R2D2 at the Colorado Mills mall. It will all be happening just outside the Lego store. The kids get to come and help build. If you are interested in comming its Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After the grand finale on Sunday evening there will be some give aways too. It's from about 9 am till 6 pm each day. Duane estimates that they will be done a little earlier than that on Sunday. (Maybe 5 pm ish) Stop by and see him.

I have been feeling a little better. The strep throat and the ear infection are healed. I am still having serious problems with my left ear. I saw an ear, nose throat doctor yesterday. She said that the pollup in my nose is gone. That is good! I do have significant hearing loss in my left ear though. She thinks I might have some nerve damage. I'm doing another course of steroids to see if that will help. If it doesn't we will have an MRI and try to see into my inner ear and nerve. For now I'm just trying to be posative. I'm not completly deaf on that side, I can still go to work, I am healthy otherwise. I just say "huh?" and "Please say that again." all day.

Sarah and Theresa are doing very well in school. We are starting to make plans for fun things we will do this summer. We will be taking two small trips for sure. One to Montana and one to Wyoming. I'm going to put them in swimming lessons for sure. They love it! I'm allready hearing a couple of times a week,"Can we go swimming today?" I've been putting it off because of the cold, and my freaky ear. I soon won't have any more excuses.

Easter was a nice day. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday. We took Sarah and Theresa to the Easter Vigil mass again this year. While it's hard on them to stay up so late, they really like it. They really enjoy seeing the adults getting Baptized in our church's, hot tub like, Baptizmal font. They also enjoyed the egg hunt and the candy the next morning. They were of course visited by the Easter bunny who broght them a ton of new books. They have been devouring them all week. They each got a chapter book too. I have seen them both reading them also. It's slow going, but they love reading so much they don't seem to notice.

For everyone in Colorado, enjoy the snow. It might be the last one. Drive safely if you go to see Duane at the Lego event. Have a great weekend.

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