Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So sick

Hello everyone. I've been so sick since last Wednesday. I just wanted to let everyone know that I seem to be on my way to all better. I had an ear infection and strep throat. Along with those came a VERY high fever, vomiting, diarreah, and a ruptured ear drum. So needless to say I'm tired of the couch and the house is a disgusting wreck. It is going to get cleaned a little today.

Last Thursday when Duane drove me to the doctor's office we had a little car accident. We were rear ended by a man who thought we wouldn't yeild to a giant RTD bus. The damage is minor and Duane is taking the van to have an estimate done today. The other driver's insurance is paying for everything including our deductible and a rental vehicle. So that was annoying, but is turning out really well.

Sarah and Theresa are looking forward to Easter. I am looking forward to Duane having a 4 day weekend. I love how generous Lego is with days off for holidays. European companies are definetly more generous with vacation time. It's awesome.

I hope all of you have a blessed Easter. Enjoy your families and good health. Oh, and enjoy some Reeses peanut butter easter eggs. And some Dove chocolate truffle easter eggs. And some mashed potatoes with real butter. Oh and a big old dinner roll with lots of margarine.

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