Monday, December 1, 2008

A month has gone by

I can't believe it has been a month since I blogged. I will try not to let it be so long again. We have been super busy around here since I started back to work at Archiver's.

Sarah and Theresa had a wonderful birthday. They had their first party with friends. It was a little nerve racking for me. I wanted to plan some special things so that every kid had a great time. It turns out they did and everything was just fine. I was going for cheap. Here are the girls after they blew out the candles on their home made cake. (I tried to make time for making two cakes but it just didn't happen. It turned out one was just the right size.)
The kids all made lollipops with melted chocolate and those candy molds by Wilton from the craft store. They loved doing that and it was very easy for them. I just melted the chocolate in plastic piping bags in the microwave. Then I snipped off the tip and let them squeeze. Duane ran the other big activity. He used a kit I got from the craft store and each kid made a bouncy ball. They loved this. It was a little time consuming because each one has to be in the water for 1 minute and then it has to dry for 3 minutes. It all worked out fine. Each kid was able to make one in the 2 hour party time.
Leading up to and after the party I have been doing a lot of crafting. Above are the thank you cards I made for the party. Below are the bookmarks I made for each kid in their class. The teacher requested that I not bring a food treat. So every child got a bookmark with their name on it. I used the computer to do the names and this sped up the process.

Theresa has now lost both of her front top teeth. Here is a photo of her after she lost the first one. As soon as it came out the other one went sideways. It only took another week and it was gone too. She is so proud.
Here is a photo of the party invitations. I kept everything primary colors so that it would be welcoming to all the boys who came to the party too.
I am sick with a cold right now. I also smashed my toe on Saturday night. I think it might be broken. This is frustrating me because there is a lot to do around here to get ready for Christmas. I am trying to be good and rest so I can feel better faster, but I am finding it hard. I will try to post again soon.

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