Thursday, December 4, 2008

I don't care what you have heard.....

Kristi and Lauren are not winos. They are actually drinking the sparkling apple cider I brought to the Thanksgiving feast. I forgot to offer it to everyone at dinner time. I remembered it at pie time. They each drank a whole bottle and enjoyed themselves.
I was pretty disappointed in myself. I forgot to take very many pictures that day. I don't have one picture of the food. Oh well, trust me, it was good.
Here is Duane. I think he was full at this point.
Here are Theresa and Denozo. She and Sarah love all the dogs. They look forward to the animals every time we go to Grandma & Grandpa Hess' house.

Here is a quick look at something I made recently. I have it listed for sale on my Etsy shop site. If you haven't visited this yet click on the link to the upper right. It is made from a foam floral tree shape. I covered it in paper punched into circle shapes & buttons attached with pins and beads. It took a couple of days to do, but the result is lovely.
Thank you to everyone who asked how I'm feeling. I am doing better. The cold and the toe are both improving. I went to work yesterday and did just fine. My voice just sounds bad which makes everyone think it's worse than it is. I'll be back to normal soon.
Love to you all out there.

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