Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some days in our life

Hello everyone out there. I am participating in a project. It is documenting a week in your life in photos and journaling. All the details are at She is a scrapbooker that I admire. I read her blog every day for inspiration. I will most likely limit the project to only two days, instead of a whole week. Not because I'm a quitter, but because I took so many photos that it is allready enough to fill a whole album after only two days. Plus developing that many photos is expensive in my world. So here is some of what was in my world on Monday.

I dropped the kids off at school, and I had this guest on the front steps when I returned home.
Dishes, dishes, I do them two or three times a day.

The towels go in, the towels go out. The towels go round and round about.

Banana bread also gets twirled about.

Buckeling in after shool. They are happy because I'm about to hand them a snack to eat.

Here we are at home after running an errand. I love that face. I hope you enjoy it too.
I hope that some day they will enjoy the album that all this goes in. They will be able to look back at what they, the house, and their world looked like. They will see how much gas costs, and how much I spent at Target that day buying them new underpants.
It will be a time capsule for when our world changes some day. Think about this idea for your and your family. It only means taking photos, writing down some events and throwing it all into a photo album with pockets. It is time well spent.

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