Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to work

Good morning to everyone out there. We have been very busy here for the past week. I have started back to work at Archiver's. I am having a great time getting back into the swing of things there. I especially love teaching the classes.

Sarah and Theresa are still loving school. We had our first sick day yesterday. Theresa was running a little fever. She was thrilled to be back to school this morning. We had our first parent teacher conference last week. The girls are doing very well at reading. They devour everything we give them to read. They like to work on this independently and together. It seems that is part of being a twin.
Thanks to my very generous sister in law, Pam, I have finally sold my first item on Etsy. (It was put in the mail box yesterday, Pam.) I know there are only 2 or 3 of you reading this but it is a cool website, even if you don't buy from me. You can find something for Christmas for tons of people on your list.
Above are a few photos of events around here. Nothing too exciting. Please enjoy!

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