Sunday, September 14, 2008

New endeavor

Hey everyone out there. I know it's been awhile since I blogged. I didn't know that my children starting school would make me so busy. I thought it would make me a little less busy. That has not been the case. It seems like I have more chores and things going on than ever.

I have just started a new little business endeavor. I opened a shop on It is a website where anyone can sell anything hand made. I will be selling scrapbooks, embelishments, cards and stationary. I will be taking custom orders as well. If you are interested in peeking at the shop it is located at I don't have much posted on there for sale yet. That will hopefully change in the next week. Pass the word on if you know anyone who might be interested. I'd love to make a million dollars. ;-)

The girls are settling into the new routine and now we are going to throw a wrench into it. On Tuesday evenings we will be taking them to religious ed. We hope it doesn't make them too tired.

For all of the family members out there who might be interested, Marie and Dustin are doing well. Marie started a new job at a cool local hardware store. Dustin is still enjoying his new job as well. They still like each other after a month and a half of being married too.

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy out there.
All out love to you.

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