Friday, September 19, 2008

Just a sample

Here are some photos of what is going on in my Etsy shop. I would love it if some of you took a peek and gave me some feedback in the comments below.

The photos got posted in the reverse order, so sorry if it seems backwards.

This first photo shows how the inside opens for you to write your message.

This photo shows how the top layer seems to "float" above the patterned paper.

This shows the front of the card and my cuticles. Nice, huh? The snowman looks like he is really far over to the left, but it's just the photo. He does have some patterned paper peeking out on the left.
I will have some more acetate items comming soon. I hope that people will like them and think its different than what is currently out there allready.
For you other card making freinds out there the snow man and the stamping are on the top. The black cardstock mat behind the snowman in on the inside of the card. This hides all traces of adhesive. The patterned paper is adhered to the back of the card body with clear liquid glue. My stamp that I used on the back to denote it is hand made, (not pictured) hides the glue a little.
The location of the shop is Etsy is like a huge craft fair and art gallery online. It's wonderful to browse and see the fabulous stuff that everyone makes by hand.

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marie said...

hi big sis!

I think your photos are a little dark, and I think that in the snowman cards description you need to have a picture of the 4th card if it is different.

I wuv you! All your descriptions sound really good, and everything looks nice!