Sunday, August 10, 2008

Marie is married!

Well everyone it was a beautiful day. We all had a wonderful time. The bride was completely gorgeous. The groom was happy to finally be married. We are all so happy for them.

Here is a picture of Theresa giving Marie a hug at the reception.
O.K. I have to say it...Poor Gregory, always a bridesmaid, never a bride. (Sorry Greg, this photo is begging for it.)
I had to include a picture of the cake. It was just as yummy as it was pretty.
Here is Sarah. She LOVED being a flower girl. The dress, the crown, the bouquet of flowers. The whole thing was so princessy. It was a dream come true for both of my girls. I don't have any full length shots of them in the dresses. These photos are the best I have.

Here is Theresa.

This is a 4 generation photo. My Grandma Nudi, my mother, my sister, myself, my girls.

The professional photos were taken by a talented lady. Her company will have the photos online on August 22nd through November 8th. You will at that time go to enter Weddings. From there you will enter Marie & Dustin. You can view all of her professional photos online there. You will also be able to order them.
Thank you to all the relatives who traveled here and came to the wedding. It was wonderful to be with everyone.
Love you all!

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