Sunday, August 17, 2008


Things are going well here for all of us. Duane left on Sunday the 10th for his trip to Billund, Denmark. We have had 2 phone calls from him and he is enjoying himself very much. He is getting to see a lot of really cool stuff. I'm sure I'll post a few pictures when he gets home on Tuesday evening. So, hooray for Duane!
Last Sunday we visited the Coors Brewing Company in Golden with some family members who were visiting. We had a fun time. At the end of the visit we did get locked out of one of the cars and then the other one had the battery die. We did get it all fixed up in the end. Hooray for cell phones and jumper cables.

Here are Greg and Michael. Hooray for their enthusiasm.

Here are Michael, Aunt Chris, and Uncle Ray. Greg is wandering in on the left.

Here is Sabrina, Edward, Geoff, and Ruth.
Also just a note...The professional photographer has the wedding photos up. They look great!
Hooray! Take a peek using the instrucions in my previous post. The website is
The first day of Kindergarden is Tuesday. Hooray! I'll have photos of that up as soon as I can.
Love you you all out there.

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