Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We love the zoo

Hello everyone. Yesterday morning we went to the zoo with a group of friends. We had a great time. We were there for the longest time we have ever stayed for. About 5 hours of animal filled fun in the partly cloudy sunshine. Here we are checking out the elephants.

We rode on the carousel for the first time. Sarah sat on a bench with some friends and Theresa rode on a blue nosed baboon that went up and down. They both loved it.
We got to feed the rainbow lorakeets. This is my FAVORITE exhibit at our zoo in Denver. You go into a big fenced in cage. You can buy a little cup of mystery "nectar" for $1.00 and feed it to the birds. They go crazy for it. They come right up to you to eat it. Sometimes a friendly one will sit on your arm and snack. It is so cool. They are gorgeous birds as you can see. The girls each fed the birds and loved that they could get so close. This photo was not taken with a zoom lens. This handsome fella was right next to us. They are very well behaved too.

We walked every where and saw most of the animals. This last photo was taken inside the Tropical Discovery building. There are all kinds of animals, insects, snakes and fish in there. I love the sea horses. I love that the daddies have the babies in their abdomens and then take care of them after giving birth. Hooray for seahorse daddies! Oh, I also like how pretty and graceful they are too. I also like that they look nothing like a horse overall.

I hope everyone else is having a great summer so far. I hope you enjoy some cliche summer fun just like we are. It isn't summer without it.
Love to everyone out there.

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