Monday, June 2, 2008

Test Flight

I wanted to start this blog to share family photos and events. I also wanted a forum to share crafting ideas with the world at large. I hope family and friends will check back from time to time to see the latest news. Who knows, maybe I will make some new friends too.

I want to start off right so here is a photo of the girls to get us started. Here is a pic of Duane with them in a hot tub. We went two weekends ago to visit Laramie, Wy. Duane is the godfather to a friend's gorgeous baby. We went and stayed the night before his baptism. The girls had fun swimming before dinner. They loved staying in a hotel. Theresa informed us that she wants to live there when she grows up. Then she can swim every day.

Preschool is out for the summer. The girls were sad to say goodbye to their teachers. They are thrilled to be planning for Kindergarten. I have to answer questions every day about what they will do there. I also love hearing from them what they think they will do there. Sarah told me today that her toy, Baby T-Rex, will be going with her. He wants to learn to read.

We have many exciting things going on this summer to keep us all busy. This comming weekend we are taking the girls camping for the first time. We are planning a trip to the zoo soon. Later this month we are throwing a bridal shower for my sister. (I will be posting pics of some things I am making for that.) On 8-8-08 we will be participating in her wedding. I am serving as Matron of Honor and the girls are the flower girls. My nephew is comming to visit all of our family in Colorado for a month too. We will be very busy.
Please check back soon for more photos and news.

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