Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More inspiration...Leaves

Here is a little more inspiration from my garden. This time I took a lot of photos of leaves. I think they are just as beautiful as flowers.  Flowers just show off with all that color. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Here is parsley. I like how the light is hitting it. 

Here are some Zinnia. I like how the leaves grow up the stem.

Here is a pumpkin leaf. That is my creepy hand, by the way.

Here they are from farther away. I love how they grow like giant cups. The water runs off towards the roots. Nature is amazing. 

This is a sunflower leaf. 

This is my creepy hand again. I have to say ,for a girl, I have huge hands. This shows how huge they are. 

These are tomato leaves. They are so ruffle. The branches get so graceful.

Basil! The leaves are shiny and curvy.
I like the veining as well. 

Romaine lettuce. 

Morning Glories. I like how the leaf is dark and the veins are light.

Delphinium. The shape is lovely.

Black Eyed Susan. I like how the leaves grow in layers and then the flowers grow up out of the layers all of a sudden.

Geraniums. The leaves are just as pretty as the blooms in my book. I love how each variety of geranium has different colored leaves.

Mystery tree in my front yard. Love it! The light hits it in a new way constantly. 

These plants are inspiring to me because I can look at the pictures over and over and learn how the light and shadows work. I can learn about the best ways to draw them as well. If I have a stamp to color in I want it to look as realistic as possible. 

I hope this inspired you a little. 

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