Monday, October 11, 2010

Wheee! Edward is three

Edward turned three last week. Our nephew is getting so big. He is in constant motion as you can see in this photo.
He is all about Thomas the Tank Engine right now. Here is his cake. We celebrated at our house on Saturday with my brother's family and my sister. (The cake is ancient history, by the way. Hee Hee) We put up a few streamers in the dining room. When he came in he kept pointing and saying "Happy Birthday".
All day we heard nothing but, "Choo Choo" and "Thomas". Seriously. He loves him some Thomas . Marie got him a shake and go Thomas train. You shake it and let it go on the floor. It then takes off and goes pretty far, all by itself. Oh, my! It was a huge hit. Here he is after he took it out of the bag. He was saying "Thomas" at the top of his lungs as this photo was being taken. Like 100 times.
We all had a nice visit and had a great time.
Happy Bithday Edward!

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ellen said...

Congratulations! The cake is ...WOOOW :)