Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots to share

Hello everyone. There is so much to share. We have had a busy and exciting month of July. We went lots of places and saw lots of faces.

At the beginning of July we took a 9 day trip to California. We attended a family reunion, for Duane's family for 6 days. It was tons of fun. Except for some epic sunburns that Duane and I got. But that is another story. The last 3 days we went to the San Francisco area and toured around. We saw a gold mine, went to the Exploratorium, met up with an old friend of Duane's, took a boat ride under the Golden Gate Bridge, saw the Aquarium of the Bay and drove around the city a little in our rental car. It is a beautiful city. The bad part was on day 8 our camera got lost/stolen. We aren't sure which. It is pictured below in this cool photo. We were inside a mirror kaleidoscope at the Exploratorium. Duane had the old camera and I had the new one that got lost. So almost all of our photos are gone. We are still sad, but at least everyone got home safe and healthy.
Some other things that have been going on are that Sarah learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Hooray! She is super proud of herself.

We went to Casa Bonita! I don't have any pics of this that turned out OK. It is kinda dark in that place. If you aren't from around here, or haven't seen that South Park episode you might not know what it is. It is a Mexican restaurant in Denver. There is cliff diving, a cowboy and gorilla show, puppet show, caves, video games, and tons of other funness. The food is gross, but the place is fun. Plus we went with Pam, Kristi, Kristi's friend that I forget the name of, and two kids that Kristi babysits. So we had a blast.
We had a play date this week. The kids had tons of fun. Here they all are smashed into our little, pop up, play house. There is one kid in there that you can't see. Six in all.

We went to the pediatric Endocrinologist about the Ostiopinia that Sarah and Theresa have. He said it is very mild in both girls so we have nothing to worry about. No extra vitamins or treatments needed. Just feed them well and make sure they exercise. Well there is no shortage of any of that going on around here, so we are relieved.

Here are some fun cards I made yesterday. I had these flowers sitting around for awhile. I had stamped them on water color paper and then water colored them in. I used some pretty shades or card stock and some K & Company striped, patterned paper on the body of the cards.

Of course I had to add some pretty ribbon and gems. I like that they look so happy. Have you made anything this week? Gone on a vacation? Learned something new. It's a great summer for all of that. Hope you are enjoying yourselves too.


Nancy said...

Love the photo of the kids in the tent. They look like they are really enjoying themselves. Your flower cards turned out great. They really stand out against the stripes!

*Christie* said...

Your trip sounds awesome but I am so sorry about your camera :( That would suck so bad!! I love the photos you shared here, and the cards you made are really pretty!