Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here are a few new things around here...

Hi everyone. Things have been super busy around here lately. Work, school, more work and some home improvement projects too. The girls are getting so big and we can hardly believe that first grade is almost over. They have been doing very well in school and we are sure proud of how well they read and write.
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting as many crafting pictures here. I am going to try to get back on top of that. I have been posting most of my creations over at Flickr. My screen name over there is "jessanotherhess". So if you are a member, please friend me. I love to see everyone else's pictures too. Even if they aren't crafty.
Today I made a couple of cards, but I had some scraps and a stamp set I wanted to use. I decided to quickly make a bookmark. I love that these little projects are so fast. I think I made this in 5 minutes or less. Plus, I don't give it away, I use them over and over and enjoy the sayings and images forever. :-)
I used a new stamp set I have, by Unity. It is the Donna Downey one. Love the wild flowers! I also really enjoy the sayings. This one seems perfect for a bookmark.
Here are some final photos of our newest home improvement endeavors. We decided that the tax return and a little bit of Duane's bonus should go twoard a new furnace and central air. I am thrilled! We have always known that the furnace that came with the house was a crummy one. We made it last 11 years and now we have no worries. The new one is super efficient. The air conditioner is too. We will be living in the lap of luxury this summer. I hate the heat, so this is a dream come true for me.

If you don't know the difference, the air conditioner is pictured above and the furnace below. I know they aren't that exciting, but we are thankful we could finally afford to start fixing up some things around here. There is something about having two babies at once that puts the brakes on home improvement.
We plan to start painting the inside of the house now. Only two rooms have ever been painted, since we moved here 11 years ago. We plan to do the whole inside and make everything fresh again. We might be fixing up a few other small things along the way as well. I promise to post pics as we go along.
One last fun thing to share...We are taking a trip this comming week to Indiana. It's been a few years, so we are very excited. We will be attending my Grandfather's wedding. The girls are super excited to fly on an airplane. I don't think they remember what it is like. We are all excited to spend time with all of my relatives and meet my Grandfather's new bride.
Happy Spring everyone. :-)

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InkyFingers said...

Oh yes, I know how you feel. We have a heat pump for the first time in my life and it is so nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter!